Wonderful news! It’s been announced Jorgie is returning to Hollyoaks and starts filming in a few weeks!

New headshot of Jorgie curtesy of @HeadshotsCH1 on twitter.

Good news! Jorgie has once again been nominated for the ‘Sexiest Female’ award at the BSA! Use the link to vote for her and your other favourites and remember to use YOPMAIL.COM which is a fast and easy way to make emails!

'I've been bullied. I think it was because I got given a solo. One girl made me feel awful and think it should of gone to someone else. I wouldn't make a big deal out of it, but I sort of wished I'd never got given the solo just to ease the tension and so I could go home. Jealousy is the worst thing in the world. I would never be jealous of someone else. All that's important is to think about what you can do, not focus on what other people can do.'
Watch Jorgie introduce the Nintendo girls club here: http://youtube.com/watch?v=QBOB_aJWVO4
 Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Introduction with Jorgie Porter: http://youtu.be/nN0MgdT7XrE
"I was a size 12 and the teachers told me I had to lose weight and that I wasn’t allowed to eat things like chocolate, ice cream or cake. They told me to only eat fruit and veg for a week. But when you’re not allowed something, you want it even more, so I’d overeat to make myself feel better. It was a constant battle. I wanted to be skinny, but I was always hungry. If I’m working hard or stressed I lose weight quickly, then I lose my boobs and bum. My tummy might be flatter, but I’d rather keep my boobs and bum. I’d prefer more curves, but I’m happy with my body now. I think that’s what’s really important for any girl."

Okay so I rarely update tumblr as much as twitter and when I do update it is usually via the mobile app (which explains why some previous photos are such awful quality). Anyway, I recently changed my theme which makes my blog look a lot more Jorgie related and I am hopefully going to update this more (not sure how yet).

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